Meet Our Leadership Team

We’re Dedicated to Serving You

The MEVA leadership team is committed to empowering our virtual school community by providing exceptional learning experiences for all students.

Dr. Melinda E. Browne, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Melinda E. Browne is thrilled to serve as Head of School of Maine Virtual Academy (MEVA). She is thankful to the Governing Board for entrusting the leadership of MEVA’s wonderful learning community to her.

Dr. Browne believes that Maine Virtual Academy is truly providing a state-of-the-art educational experience for its students. She is greatly impressed with the dedicated and talented faculty who work hard to accomplish the school’s mission and is honored to lead a dynamic team of educational pioneers.

Dr. Browne graduated summa cum laude in physics from the University of Bridgeport. She holds a Master of Science in Education from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, and a Doctorate in Mathematics Education from the University of Exeter. Dr. Browne is an experienced Head of School who wholeheartedly embraces the challenges and opportunities of serving a diverse student body from MEVA’s statewide catchment area.

Dr. Browne enjoys speaking with MEVA students and their families. She encourages them to reach out to her via phone or email.

Dr. Browne holds Maine Administrator Certifications, 010 Superintendent, and 030 Special Education Director.

Stephanie Emery, Program Manager of Operations

Stephanie Emery has been the registrar at Maine Virtual Academy since 2018. Before joining the K12 team, Stephanie worked in a dual role as a business developer and employment specialist servicing individuals with disabilities in both Maine and New Jersey. In this role she facilitated corporate relationships with human resource managers and management staff in various employment settings. She also worked closely with state vocational rehabilitation counselors while managing regional client caseloads. She provided advocacy and support to individuals during their job placement process, which included on-the-job training and additional pre/post-placement services. Services also extended to high school students where Stephanie worked with local schools and students in job/college and career services.

Before that, Stephanie was an American Sign Language Interpreter for over 20 years in the Maine and NJ Deaf Community. She is a big advocate for people with disabilities since both of her parents are Deaf, and her life has been immersed in this community for years.

Her youngest son is a 2019 graduate from MEVA and now is a full-time student at Southern Maine Community College. Her oldest son is a professional freelance musician and music producer.

Stephanie obtained vocational education/licensing through the University of NY at Buffalo/the TACE Center in NJ and University of VA for Disability Employment Services.

Donald Fournier, Academic Administrator

Donald Fournier is a graduate of the University of Maine where he received his master’s degree in elementary education. He received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education, graduating cum laude, and his associate’s degree in instructional media from the University of Maine at Farmington.

Born and raised in Maine, Mr. Fournier has been a leader in Maine Catholic education for the past 25 years, serving as both a teaching principal and as a president/principal. He received a National Catholic Education Innovator Award in 2018 for his work on a rural school initiative focused on blended learning and has been a proponent of online learning throughout his career.

Mr. Fournier is excited to be a part of Maine Virtual Academy and primarily works with teachers and students to assist them in continuing the excellence in learning that is the foundation of the school.