ESSER Use of Funds Plan

ARP ESSER Use of Funds Plan for Maine Virtual Academy (MEVA)

Utilizing meaningful consultation with stakeholders, MEVA developed the following three priorities for the use of ARP ESSER funds. These priorities provide/facilitate:

  • Data-driven, targeted instruction/interventions by co-teaching teams to address students’ achievement gaps.
  •  Students’ college/career readiness.
  • Functional/social/emotional supports for students and strong communications with families.

MEVA’s reservation to address the impact of lost instructional time will be utilized for the following evidence-based interventions:

  • Summer Programming.
  • Class-Size Reduction.

The remaining ARP ESSER Funds will support projects focusing on expanding/improving:

  • School Counseling and Related Services.
  • Facilities (Safety).
  • Educational Technology.
  • Family Communications.